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Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Bachelor Parties, Picnics & Gatherings, Grand Openings, Trade Shows, Auctions, Fund Raisers, Conferences, Festivals, Street Fairs, or Any Which Celebration...

Basic Show
Canvas arrives and sets up, either indoors or outdoors. She brings a large sheet to prevent the floor from any damage (all paint is non-toxic and washable). She assumes various poses and silently interacts while children and adults paint.

Silent Door Greeter
Canvas will mime to your guests as they enter.
Little will they realize that later they'll be maniacally painting...

Human Sign-In Board / Human Guest Book
Colored markers and pens will be provided in addition to the paints. Guests of your party can sign their names and write short messages. This is a lot more fun than a poster board on an easel. At the end of the show, you keep the overalls.

Trade Show Special
Canvas sets up
by your table. Your logo is printed on the overalls or hat, or both. She can hand out your promotional material to people as they pass (either before or after they take the paintbrush.)  Depending on the nature of your business, there are countless ways to attract attention to your table - the mime takes up very little space but can generate huge crowds.

Human Directional for Normal Business Days/Nights
Especially in pedestrian areas (shopping malls, plazas, city sidewalks, etc) the presence of Canvas outside your store will draw customers in. Crowds gather around and stick around - at least long enough to stare and paint. It is a great way to generate interest in your storefront.

Extra! Tee-Shirts: Everyone Gets Painted
Large blank white tee-shirt/smocks are provided for the guests to wear, paint on, and keep. 

Extra! Large Poster Board
A blank white poster board is brought with the outline of a clown figure drawn on it (and/or a particular name or title on it.) Guests paint on it and the party-thrower can keep it as a memorable gift.  

Extra! Small Canvases
Smaller canvases are provided for each guest of the party to decorate, paint, and take home as a party favor.




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